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[File Me Away]

The Happy Home of APL

Welcome to the Akatsuki Public Library.
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Filing cabinet for alory_shannon/wordsworn.

APL (Akatsuki Public Library) is the brainchild of myself and irishmastermind. Its primary focus is on Sasori and Deidara and their [PLATONIC!] relationship, but many other Naruto characters will have their chance in the spotlight.

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1. Is this a yaoi fic?

Not on your life. There is more than enough of that elsewhere to satisfy whatever desires you may have for it. This fic project focuses primarily on the development of the PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP between two very different people. If you can't enjoy that kind of thing without the yaoi element, that's your problem, and I'm sorry for you, but don't go reading things into my writing. Authorial intent > postmodernist view on interpretation. That's how I roll, and I'd appreciate it if you'd respect that.

2. So are they still homicidal mass-murdering terrorists?

This fic project is 100% AU. None of them have ever killed anyone (...with the possible exception of Hidan). They're just normal people who have normal backgrounds and who have come to work at a normal library.

3. So then why is Kisame still blue?

Because I wanted him to be. Most of the characters' basic physical appearances remain the same because otherwise I just feel like they lose something of themselves, but they have no special powers, and some of their stranger quirks are gone. Zetsu doesn't eat people or does he, they seem to go through pages rather fast..., Sasori isn't a puppet, Deidara doesn't have the hand-mouths, Kakuzu isn't made of threads, etc.

4. How often do you update this?

Whenever I finish a chapter. I'd like to get into a set schedule of sorts, but somehow I doubt that will happen. Maybe if more people show an interest in it I'll work something out.

5. Can I join this community?

Afraid not. You're more than welcome to watch it, however. ♥

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