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Kisame: footnotes.

v. chapter & verse.

[...Heh. It's been a while...but nope, not dead just yet. ;D]

v. chapter & verse. moving on, moving up, moving in.Collapse )

iv. acts & scenes.

[Prompted by irishmastermind’s comment: “Sasori would probably have to work with Deidara to do children’s events with puppets.”]

iv. acts & scenes: the world’s a stage, play your part.Collapse )

iii. text & terms.

[This has actually been done for a while; posting was delayed because my scanner was broken (and still IS broken), and I have sketchy art for this one. I'll add it if the blasted thing ever gets fixed...but to be honest, the quality of the post is probably higher due to it being left off.]

iii. text & terms: three strikes, the third degree.Collapse )

Intro Info


If you've stumbled on this community, be it by accident or intent, welcome. Here is where I plan to keep certain things archived--most notably my APL fic, since I want wordsworn to have a different purpose than it does at the moment.

Feel free to watch this comm if what you see interests you.

Further information will be posted once it actually exists.